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What Are The Best Chinese Culture Essay Topics?

What Are The Best Chinese Culture Essay Topics?There are a lot of Chinese culture essay topics to choose from, but not all of them are appropriate for your personality. For example, the essay topic, 'The Chinese Language is Man's Language' is quite boring for some people because it is about only one language, and this particular subject may be too easy for you.For the other Asian countries like the Philippines, Thailand, and India, there are a lot of cultural essay topics that are much more interesting to read. For example, when people speak in their native language, the topics are a lot more interesting and even fun for them. If they could speak their own language with only a little bit of English, they would probably want to learn more about this language. That is why they should write a Chinese culture essay topic in their own language.It is not necessary that you write a Chinese culture essay topic only in Chinese; it is possible to use an English translation to make it more inte resting. Since English is a common language in the world, many people who cannot read and write in their native language would appreciate writing essays in English instead of in their native language.When people speak in their own language, the topics can include anything you can think of such as food, art, music, and holidays, among other things. If they would love to write a Chinese culture essay topic about these subjects, then this is just the topic that would be right for them.If you were to leave behind your own culture or language in order to learn the culture of another country, then that would be a very bad thing because you would no longer be a person with your own culture or language. However, if you have never left your own culture or language in order to learn about the culture of another country, then it would be difficult for you to learn anything at all.Thereare many people who feel that it is easy to learn from another country, but actually it is not. Although learn ing Chinese culture would be quite easy for you, actually you will never become fluent in Chinese.Just because you can learn Chinese, it does not mean that you would also be able to truly understand the true culture of that country. When people speak in their own language, they would not be able to really understand the real culture.

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How Is Bavarder (to Chat) Conjugated in French

The French verb  bavarder  means to chat. Its slightly less formal than  parler (to talk)  and a very useful word to add to your vocabulary. When you want to use  bavarder  in the past tense to say chatted or in the present tense for chatting, you will need to conjugate the verb. Follow this French lesson and youll be chatting in French with ease. Conjugating the French Verb  Bavarder Bavarder  is a  regular -ER verb  and it follows the standard verb conjugation patterns of similar words like  parler  (to talk)  and  dà ©clarer  (to declare). This means that once you memorize the endings for one verb, the rest will be just a little bit easier. To conjugate French verbs, we change the ending to match the subject pronoun as well as the tense. This is in contrast to English where the -ed and -ing endings are used whether were talking about I, you, or we. It makes memorizing the verbs a challenge, but it gets easier with practice and repetition. Using the chart, you can quickly find the appropriate conjugation of  bavarder. To say Im  chatting, you will use je  bavarde and we will chat is nous bavarderons. Subject Present Future Imperfect je bavarde bavarderai bavardais tu bavardes bavarderas bavardais il bavarde bavardera bavardait nous bavardons bavarderons bavardions vous bavardez bavarderez bavardiez ils bavardent bavarderont bavardaient The Present Participle of  Bavarder When you change the -er  ending of  bavarder  to -ant, you will create the  present participle  bavardant. This is used as a verb, though it can be helpful as an adjective, gerund, or noun when needed. Another  Bavarder  Past Tense Beyond the imperfect, you can also use the  passà © composà ©Ã‚  to express  bavarder  in the past tense. To do so, you need an  auxiliary verb  as well as the  past participle. For  barvarder,  avoir  is the auxiliary verb and it needs to be conjugated.  Bavardà ©Ã‚  is the past participle and it does not change as the subject does. For instance, I chatted is jai bavardà © while we chatted is nous avons bavardà ©. More Simple Conjugations of  Bavarder The following conjugations are not as common and you may or may not use them. This is particularly true of the passà © simple and the imperfect subjunctive  as both are used most often in formal writing. The other two verb forms are more common and you might find them useful in French conversations. They both imply a level of question to the action of chatting, with the subjunctive being subjective and the conditional dependent on circumstances. Subject Subjunctive Conditional Pass Simple Imperfect Subjunctive je bavarde bavarderais bavardai bavardasse tu bavardes bavarderais bavardas bavardasses il bavarde bavarderait bavarda bavardt nous bavardions bavarderions bavardmes bavardassions vous bavardiez bavarderiez bavardtes bavardassiez ils bavardent bavarderaient bavardrent bavardassent The imperative may be helpful as well. This form is used for assertive and short statements such as commands and requests. When using the imperative, skip the subject pronoun and simply use the verb: bavarde rather than tu bavarde. Imperative (tu) bavarde (nous) bavardons (vous) bavardez

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Women s Rights For Disabled Women Essay - 750 Words

(ii) From MacMurchy to Galton, sterilisation to technological innovations, rights for women to rights for disabled women , the stigmatisation of disabled families has long been a complex of systemic alienation and destruction: mental defect is the chief cause of immorality and venereal discourse (Dr. MacMurchy 1910) . Disabled families are viewed in quantitative measures of lack and qualitative markers of excess in the notion of sexual citizenship. The establishment of new exclusionary normative caught up in an inappropriate neo-liberal agenda (Shildrick 2014, 135). Corrective discourses dominate discursive approaches to directing the disabled family agency towards normative measures of ability, competence, and capacity. Fundamentally a heterosexist framework (135), nebulous family models consist of able-bodied ideality demarcating socio-economic relation. The nuclear family stands as a symbolic representation of what an ideal form of national identity should consist of: cultural att itudes which value individualism and competition above social support and the recognition of a diversity of individual needs (Wilde Hoskison-Clark 2014, 56). Socio-economic circumstances lead to attitudinal environments where class became a socio-cultural marker for prohibiting inappropriate family form . Therein, rigid attributes of masculinity and femininity, in a sex-gender system, pivot domesticate marital roles. Family modes of behaviour are juxtaposed to a topography ofShow MoreRelatedDisability As A Metaphor For Inferiority990 Words   |  4 PagesInferiority While disability rights and awareness have advanced, disabled people have not been able to wrest total control of the discrimination placed upon them due to the way society uses the idea of disability as a metaphor signifying human incapacity. In Douglas C. Baynton’s, Disability and the Justification of inequality in American History, he analyzes the controlling metaphor of disability through race. Similarly, watching Donald Trump s infamous speech where he mocks a disabled reporter shows howRead MoreDisabled Students With Their Special Education887 Words   |  4 Pagessociety is disabled people who are not receiving the necessary benefits. For instance, most of the disabled individuals do not receive equal benefits because they do not have a job. Most do not have access to medical or insurance because they do not have a job in which they can support themselves. This kind of discrimination and treatment creates disabled people to have feelings of anger and sadness as they a re not being protected and their rights are violated. Society characterizes disabled people asRead MoreForced Sterilization On Women During The United States1617 Words   |  7 PagesForced sterilization on women â€Å"In the United States, 15 states have laws that fail to protect women with disabilities from involuntary sterilization† (Against her will). Sterilization of disabled women in the United States should not be allowed. It denies disabled women the rights of having children. It is sexist to force women to get sterilized but men do not have to get sterilized. Women should have the right to have children, no matter if they have a disability or if something is wrong with herRead MoreShould Abortion Be Legal?844 Words   |  4 Pageswoman wanting an abortion for a child with a disability such as, getting raped, not being financially stable enough to give the child a good quality of life, and the disruption of families a child with a disability can cause (D.I. Bromage). I believe women should be able to do whatever they choose with their body and if they want an abortion, no matter how healthy or not the baby is, they should be able to go through with an abortion without backlash . Prenatal testing and selective abortion is a goodRead MoreIs Sexuality Shaped By Other Social Factors?1628 Words   |  7 PagesHeteronormative here meaning: the assertion that heterosexuality is the only sexual orientation and there are roles that come with it. There is also a dehumanising fetishisation of people with disabilities that exists within certain groups. While rights for people with disabilities have come a long way, with perceptual shifts surrounding their daily lives, ultimately the notion of sexual agency amongst people with disabilities is often erased or portrayed in a false or misleading manner. Able-bodiedRead MoreSociology and Disabilities1187 Words   |  5 PagesIf the technology became available for the deaf to hear completely, would you want your deaf child to have this technology? It is every parent s dream for their child to grow up healthy and happy. There are so many children in the world that do not have the ability to hear, and it is a horrible thing. Many would think it wrong for a parent to not want to give their child the gift of sight. If I had a child that was deaf, I would do everything in my power to help them get their hearing. IfRead MoreWomen s Rights And The Reform Movement905 Words   |  4 PagesGreat Britain, with colonists from the newly formed United States demanding their individual and colony’s rights. They advocated for representation, their individual rights, and the issue of sovereignty. With the ratification of the Bill of Rights in 1791, individual rights overall were thought to be â€Å"protected† in the newly libera ted Unites States. Yet the continued limiting of women’s rights, treatment of the mentally handicapped and emancipated slaves, the individual liberties colonists believedRead MoreCluster 1: Article 7 (Women In Political And Public Life).1386 Words   |  6 PagesCluster 1: Article 7 (Women in Political and Public Life) Issue: Women in Brazil aren t represented equally in political and public life in comparison to their male counterparts. Specifically, women are represented less within political parties and even lower within parliament and government. Moreover, black, indigenous, young, lesbian, disabled, rural, domestic and poor women are being represented even less in the spaces of power.       State Role:   The official CEDAW Report does acknowledgeRead MorePoverty in America Essay1197 Words   |  5 PagesFederal Government defines poverty as income that falls below the United States Poverty threshold. (Begun 95). If a person is below or right at the poverty line they are considered poor. It also refers to the lowest level of income a person can make and afford the minimum necessities. (Bender and Leone 23). The poverty line was adopted by the government in the mid 1960s. Not included in the income figure are cash benefits such as food stamps and Medicaid.(Le Vert 50). The poverty rate is adjustedRead MoreChildren s Books : An Essential Part Of A Child s Life1105 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"You take off that hat and say Howdy-do or I m going to give you such a lickin ! Joel Harris, the author, never intended for his books to be racist, they were just a reflection of the society that he lived in (Harris, pg. 7, 1907). The Civil Rights Movement brought the need for books about c hildren of all colors to people’s attention. There needed to be books that represented all Americans, not just the white people. Many authors of color, like Mildred Taylor, Alma Flor Ada and Walter Dean

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Finance for Global Fund Managers Ltd - myassignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about theFinance for Global Fund Managers Ltd. Answer: Financial Risk Exposures Faced By Global Fund Managers Ltd Financial risk refers to a situation where a company experiences inadequate cash flow mainly when it uses debt financing putting the shareholders in a possibility of losing the money they had invested in the company (Allen 2013, p. 351-378). This usually happens because if the company becomes insolvent and it used debt financing, its creditors are repaid before its shareholders. In this case, the Global Fund Managers Ltd suffers from the following risks; Marketing risks-these risks are realized due to the changes in rates and market prices. Technological changes in the way of conducting business are majorly faced with this type of risk. Modern marketing structure has undergone significant changes of selling their goods and services. Some of the invented form of carrying out transactions is by online shopping. Customers keep orders through online website and make payments too. Firms that have not adopted this kind of marketing transition will have less competitive advantage in the market. These price changes will mostly relate to interest or foreign exchange rate movements. In this case, Global Fund Managers Ltd suffers this type of financial risk since the foreign exchange rates keep changing, US dollar in particular.This kind of risk can be handled by the use of asset and liability matching, together with a simultaneous purchase and sale of identical amounts of one currency for another with two different value dates and may use fore ign exchange derivatives. (Soler et al. 2010) Credit risk-This is a risk that firms experience when they give offers to their clients on credit basis. The business entity may take up the role of buying commodities on behalf of the consumers using their own capital. This is aimed at making extra profit when the customers pay back. Such type of offer may put the company at a risk given that the clients fail to pay back. Global Fund Managers Company may face this kind of risk as seen in the scenario where short term interest securities are realized. This at times poses a great risk to the company where the cash given out on interest terms would have not been paid back. Such moves are critical to the success of GFML Company. However, every risk or challenge has got its remedies. GFML can handle the credit risk by making sure that there are enough funds available for transacting business even where defaults in repayment occur. Failure to do so may put the company in a situation of losing its investors. Australian investors who got sh ares in Global Fund Managers Company may shy away from investing more of their capital given that the company does not curb credit risks. (Figlewski 2012, p. 78-88) Liquidity risk-Liquidity is the ability of an enterprise to use some of its assets in form of cash. It is simply conversion of assets into capital for effective transaction of business. This may arise due to a decrease in cash flow into the business entity. Unpredictable occurrences may occur and put the business in this type of risks and hence the need for a Company to hedge this risk. Global Fund Managers Company may experience this type of risk when selling of its Australian and US shares. The question of concern here will be, how easy the Company will sell this shares when faced with an abrupt problem of cash flow. Will it be in a position to issue out shares and get capital in return swiftly or not? Managers should be able to critically analyze such questions and be cautious when buying or selling the shares to shareholders. This risk can be handled through proper management of cash in the company. (Ullrich 2009, p. 98-111) The idea of GFML Company investing in shares puts it at a risk. When interest rates increase, the value of bond prices always tend to reduce significantly. This will then mean that Global Fund Managers Company will undergo a loss when operating on bond basis as seen in the table. The table shows us how the company uses bonds as securities to the long term fixed interest issued. It is also seen that the Company accepted bills as a security of get cash on short term basis. A bill is simply used as a source of security to borrowed capital. Bills have the effect of being charged highly before issuing out. This is uneconomical and most of the Companies do not accept bills in trade. (Ridley 2014, p. 654-666) Recommendations on whether to hedge all the risks identified. It will be effective to hedge all the risks mentioned above. This is due to the high risks attached to them if not well solved to the later. No business entity finds it interesting to carry out activities that are not aimed at profit generation hence the need to hedge all the mentioned risk exposers. Firstly, we have credit risk as one of the major exposers to financial risks. Global Fund Managers Company needs to deal with this risk in order to maintain a consistent cash flow. Low cash flow into the Company will automatically lead to collapsing of it and this is the reason why credit risk must be hedged without failure (Skantze et al. 2015). Secondly, the Company must also hedge liquidity risk. Assets are part and parcel of investments that a business keeps. This means that it should also be in a position redeem these assets when encountering financial crises. The main purpose of having assets is for further securities in times of problems. GFML should hedge this risk in order to av oid uncertainties brought about by natural phenomenon. Lastly, financial risks are also a key thing that must be handled. A company cannot operate without cash hence the reason for hedging. (Bielecki et al. 2011) Derivative instruments Some of the derivatives that can be used are offering of lower interest rates on bonds and bills. Another derivative is hedging of decreasing rates of exchange. At times the US dollar conversion is always higher at the time of contracts and lowers when doing the contract. Prevention of this will be important to the success of GFML Company at large. Hedging of exports must be implemented by GFML because it deals with domestic investors who do more of the exportation than importation. (Mason 2013, p. 60-65) References Allen, S. (2013). Financial risk management: A practitioner's guide to managing market and credit risk. Hoboken, N.J: J. Wiley Sons. 10(6), 351378. Bielecki, T. R., Rutkowski, M. (2011). Credit risk: Modeling, valuation and hedging. Berlin: Springer. 54(76), 98-111 Figlewski, S. (2012). Estimation error in the assessment of financial risk exposure. New York, NY. 6(4), 78-88 Mason, K. (2013). Investment Management Applications. 12(7), 60-65 Ridley, M. (2014). How to invest in hedge funds: An investment professional's guide. London [u.a.: Kogan Page. 5(6), 654-666 Skantze, P. L., Ilic, M. D. (2015). Valuation, hedging, and speculation in competitive electricity markets: A fundamental approach. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers. 13(34), 54-55 Soler, R. J. A., Caribbean Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank. (2010). Financial risk management: A practical approach for emerging markets. Washington, DC. 45(9), 56-60 Ullrich, C. (2009). Forecasting and hedging in the foreign exchange markets. Berlin: Springer. 54(76), 98-111